How Much Does It Cost To Make An App like OLX

Shopping online has always been a hot topic; users from all over the globe prefer the seamless online shopping experience rather than having hustle down to a mall or a store. The profound e-commerce industry has left an imperishable mark on society that goes way beyond the capability of purchasing a product anytime from anywhere.

All the well-established and emerging online marketplaces have made massive changes in the ways businesses engage and reach more and more potential clients. Amongst the users, the online marketplaces have risen to fame in a relatively short span since they make the shopping experience extremely smooth and convenient.

However, the central aim of a marketplace is to facilitate seamless and effective cooperation between sellers and buyers. Through classified applications, people can conveniently sell and purchase new/old items online from the comfort of their couch. That is why e-commerce is gaining more and more popularity from all over the world.

Back in the day, people were forced to visit a newspaper agency to write an ad or advertise. But in today’s modern and rapidly advancing world, the way of buying and selling things have changed completely. Nowadays, people use classified applications to buy and sell their products since they are quite a user friendly and comfortable.

Among hundreds of classified websites and apps, the one that users mostly tend to prefer for buying and selling their new or old items is OLX. Through OLX, users could simply list down their used/unused items to boost the odds of getting their services or products sold at a reasonable price.

OLX has caught the attention of users globally, and plenty of investors, start-ups, and entrepreneurs are trying to build a business model like OLX too.

Over the course of this blog, we will be enlightening you with some of the most intriguing features of OLX, the overall cost of its development, and a powerful-yet-pocket-friendly development solution for getting or creating an app like OLX developed.

Features of OLX 


Admin Panel 

  • Sign-In– An Administrator can easily sign-in to look after several essential things like users, products, operations, etc.
  • Dashboard– Dashboard is carefully developed to offer easy access to the user so that the administrators can comfortably monitor the several activities that are being performed in the app. 
  • Customer Profile Verification– In order to ensure safe & secure buying/selling, administrators first view and then verify the profiles of buyers and sellers.
  • Manage Rewards– To encourage the users to use the app more frequently, administrators award incentives to those with the highest amount of usage.
  • Cloud Storage Integration– Using the cloud storage integration, administrators seamlessly control an enormous amount of data.
  • CRM Integration– By implementing CRM integration, the efficiency of the app is increased massively.
  • Payment Gateway Integration– Administrators manage all the payments that are made.
  • Push Notifications- To notify the users about new products, discounts, sales, and promotions, administrators send intriguing notifications to all those using the application. 


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User Panel 

  • Register/Login– New users (Sellers or Buyers) can get easily registered using this feature.
  • Profile Verification– To verify their profiles, users will receive a profile verification link on the registered mail id. Once the profile is verified, users can operate the app exactly like other users.
  • Add Personal Details– Users can easily provide their personal details to the application. Note: Providing a phone number and a working email address is compulsory.
  • List Products for Selling- To list a product for selling, all a user needs to do is choose a certain category to which the item belongs, put up a few nice pictures, and a short description.
  • Browse Products by Category– Buyers can see the products they are interested in by merely opting for a particular category and navigating through them.
  • Recommendations– All the recently added products in a particular category are displayed right at the homepage of the application, just so the user doesn’t have to go through the trouble of adding filters to see newly added products.
  • Chat- Through this function, a buyer can easily communicate with the seller without providing them any of their confidential data such as phone numbers.
  • My Account- Over here, a user can have a thorough look at their account as well as order & billing. Through this feature, some notification and privacy settings could also be changed. Furthermore, a user could acquire Support from OLX’s customer representatives if the need arises.
    This feature is typically used for logging out of the account.
  • Coupon Code- A user can apply a coupon code to a purchase made during the checkout.
  • Browse Seller Profile- All the buyers have the added advantage of navigating through the profiles of the sellers and checking whether their profiles are verified. Usually, buyers tend to look for the badge that is given by the administrators when a seller maintains good and positive ratings.
  • Product rating/review- Not only a user can view the product’s reviews/ratings, but they can also write one.

How Much Does It Cost To Make An App like OLX?

The overall cost of developing an app like OLX would somewhat be based on the features you’re looking to integrate, as well as the requirements you are looking to fulfill. In case you would like to integrate all the standard and advanced features/functions in your application, then the overall cost would be around $21,000-$26,000.

However, if that’s too much for you, you could always look for budget-friendly development companies like Retrocube and save your precious time as well as an enormous amount of your hard-earned money.

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