What Are The Strategies To Position Yourself In The App Stores?

Positioning yourself in the app stores, at the top of the list of applications to be downloaded, is not optional but essential to gain visibility from the public and favor the download of your product.

Often, in fact, the investment of time and resources necessary for the realization of an app is thwarted by a bad positioning in the dedicated stores, which make the products, valid and interesting, practically invisible to users.

So what are the strategies to be adopted to get a good ranking in the app stores? Let’s find out together.

The keywords for your new app

As in Google searches , a real language has also developed for the app stores which, if known and understood to the full, can be exploited to favor the good positioning of an application in the most varied directories of the sector .

Next to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), therefore, today it is also possible to talk about ASO: App Store Optimization. By using the right keywords that refer to the new app, therefore, it will be possible to exploit the search terms that are used by users looking for an app similar to yours.

This way, your product will gain many views on users’ smartphones and will therefore have a much better chance of being downloaded.

In particular, to be well positioned in the app stores and gain greater visibility in prestigious catalogs such as Google Play and Apple Store, it is necessary to carefully treat the contents related to the title and description of your app, using main and alternative keywords.

The importance of the graphic aspect

Likewise, it is important to pay particular attention to the graphic aspects, starting with the icon that will identify your app. The icon must have a good impact on the customer, it must intrigue him and immediately transmit the main information about the app: what it can serve and which category it belongs to.

Also very important are also the screenshots, which will be chosen wisely, to intrigue the user from the first glance and push him to deepen the analysis of the app, to read the contents of the description and, finally, to download and its installation.

How to promote your app and position yourself in the app stores

The strategies for a correct positioning in the app stores also involve real marketing activities, since it is appropriate to promote one’s own product, in order to increase downloads right from the start: a high number of downloads, in fact, favors in turn the better positioning of the app in dedicated catalogs, thus causing a real virtuous circle.

Therefore, it is necessary to promote the new app with various campaigns, from e-mail marketing to the creation of videos on YouTube, up to making use of the support of influencers that can contribute to the fame of your product.

Not to be overlooked are some marketing techniques typical of the promotion of classic websites, such as the creation of special landing pages through which to invite their potential customers to download and install the app, using a special and effective call to action?

Finally, it is useless to underline how social networks, such as the various Facebook, Twitter or Instagram networks, can be decisive in this sector, through which it is possible to promote the new app in a targeted or viral way, enhancing its features and main merits.

With these simple but decisive tips, your app will be able to enjoy an excellent positioning in the app stores and get the diffusion and success you want!

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